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NEW! Lapse of Fascia Movie Trailer

The new trailer for the short movie, Lapse of Fascia has been released yesterday. Watch it here.


Bare Bones Recap

Those who attended the Piracy seminar at this year's Bare Bones Script 2 Screen Film Festival recieved 60 minutes of much needed information regarding movie piracy and copyright infringement. I was glad to be able to share important information with other filmmakers, so that they know how to protect their work.

It wouldn't be a film festival without movies, right? I checked out a few such as Broken by Alex Ferarri and Village Vengeance by the indie duo, Carl and Vivian Adams as well as the myspace picture banned short......the Timmy movie from director, Marc Hall. I don't do horror or much of suspense but I enjoyed Broken and Vengeance. Now, I can see why the short gained much attention for the special effects alone. They were great. I set out to see the Timmy movie and it was great. I even met "Timmy" at the premiere and. Ethan Nall (Timmy) won Best Youth Actor for the Timmy Movie at the festival and also won the Indie Film Star award. Timmy won 2nd place for Best Micro Movie and the Audience Choice award for Best Poster.


Being Creative and Technical

Rodriguez (Desperado....Spy Kids....Sin City are his films) says that creative people need to be technical so they won't need technical people. Technical people aren't creative and creative people aren't technical. Therefore, when choosing to work in each area of production when making an independent film, you have to be technical. That doesn't apply only to the movie itself but also to all of the elements that go with it to create the necessary "buzz" for a production.

As much as I love to do things on my own because I lack patience and I don't like ro rely on other people, sometimes I think that it is necessary to depend on someone else for your technical needs when it comes to making a movie, especially in Post-Production. If something is messed up, it can be fixed by the right person. Technical people can also enhance a scene, audio or the entire project and bring it to a level that you never thought possible. I've had that experience on one of my shorts. The audio wasn't that great, but with some technical assistance, certain areas were dramatically altered and made the movie a bit more realistic.

I admire Rodriguez, but I have to admit......I do need other people, especially technical people to enable me to get the necessary things done so that I can promote, screen and/or distribute movies with no problems. I just spent 2 days trying to upload a trailer onto myspace, only to find out that I saved the wrong damn file format. Now, those of us who have our own editing equipment and gadgets can bypass the feeling of despair by spending more time on their systems, working on different things until they get it right. However, those of us who travel to other destinations to complete post-production and editing can develop everlasting headaches and the feeling of vaulable time (and money, rental fees can pile up) wasted.

I have always taken pride in the whole DIY thing in independent filmmaking, but unfortunately, I cannot always adopt the "one man band" way of completing things. I don't have time to waste, so I'd rather let someone who can do things correctly, do them. That way, everything can move further along and I can spend my time promoting and in production instead of being pissed and throwing wasted CD-Rs and DVD-Rs in the trash can.